They are in Rathdrum, Idaho. Gasolina and her man crashed. In a previous chapter the people in the road are explained. I’ll try to get the next chapter on tomorrow so that you aren’t left in a lurch, Dave.

I’ll make sure to open the pod at doors for you.

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Gasolina frens a bear and has no care of her bottom being bare, as she runs around with her ass in the air, on the back of a motorcycle, driven by fren bear. :)

Mucho lovo this Chapter! Nausea and laughter are always an odd dichotomy, but embracing it has been a blast. Crispy critter zombie stew sounds like an excellent halloween recipe fur those witches, tho.

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What are all the zombie people doing and he what are they staring at off in the distance? Not sure how far the hospital is from it all but the old lady said she wanted BBQ so must be close so that’ll explain the zombies folks. Gasolina riding off with a bear while on drugs is quite the twist.

Were the zombie people makin a chain? 🧐

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